Maintaining timetables

Many organisations use specialised timetabling software in addition to Synergetic. The main benefit of full timetabling applications is that they calculate the timetable and automatically resolve clashes. This is done by means of a complex algorithm that looks at all the different possibilities. Synergetic does not currently have this ability.

The other benefit of using a specialised timetabling application is that your timetabling staff can manipulate the timetable without affecting any of the information in Synergetic. Once the timetable is finalised, you import it into Synergetic as the "live" timetable.
Most organisations use one of the following timetabling applications:

  • Timetabler
  • Timechart
  • FirstClass 2000
  • Maze
  • WinSchool
  • PrimaryTime
  • custom-built for your organisation.

The Timetable Import/Export program in Synergetic allows you to import timetables from any one of these applications. Timetabler or Timechart provide the cleanest integration with Synergetic.
No matter what timetabling application you use, Synergetic can be used to print timetables for students and staff.

How to:

What you can do:

What you can do…


Select the timetable for the file type, year and term required.

Define the periods in the day.

Timetable Maintenance - Timetable Definition tab.

You can:

  • view the timetables imported from a timetabling application
  • maintain the timetable.

Maintain year levels in the timetable, including:

  • campus that classes are held at for the year level
  • year level coordinators
  • next year details
  • timetable group.

Record any special events that you want to show on the timetable.

Timetable Maintenance - Calendar Events tab.

Maintain details of the number of days in your timetable cycle and the number of periods per day.

Timetable Maintenance - Timetable Group tab.

Maintain timetable import schedules.

Timetable Maintenance - Timetable Config tab.