Maintaining course agents

Agents are engaged to market, introduce and enrol students in courses at some organisations. For example, students from other countries enrol in your courses. Agents are paid an agreed commission based on the number of students enrolled in a course. Synergetic supports:

  • independent agents
  • agents who work as part of a larger company.

See Creditor Maintenance - General tab in the Creditors manual.

How to:

What you can do:

What you can do…


You can:

  • add and maintain agent commission rule controls
  • inactivate agent commission rule controls that have been superseded or suspended

Course Agent Maintenance - Commission Control tab.

You can:

  • display agents who are set up
  • set commission rules for individual agents
  • set the percentage commission rates that apply when a certain number of students are enrolled in the course.

Course Agent Maintenance - Commission Rules tab.

You can:

  • display students who are on a course arranged by an agent
  • select student course enrolments to match with an agent's invoice
  • authorise agent invoices
  • display agent invoices that have been authorised
  • reverse the authorisation of selected entries.

Using the Agent Commission Schedule Maintenance window.