Maintaining classes

A class is either an academic or a co-curricular class within your organisation. Examples of academic classes include mathematics and science. Examples of co-curricular classes include piano, swimming and basketball. Most classes are academic.

The advantage of maintaining details about co-curricular classes is that you can charge for these classes, record absences and so on, just as you would for academic classes. It allows you to maintain and report on an individual student's non-academic activities.

Note: Also see the Curriculum manual for information about maintaining details for students who are taking courses, either internal or external to your organisation, maintaining materials and suppliers, maintaining semesters and terms, adding new students to classes and maintaining timetables.

How to:

What you can do:

What you can do…


Maintain general details about the class.

Class Maintenance - General tab

You can:

  • view or update the timetable for the class
  • add new timetable entries manually.

Class Maintenance - Timetable tab

View the students who are attending the class.

Class Maintenance - Students tab

Allocate the staff members who teach the class.

Class Maintenance - Staff tab


  • Any charges associated with the class. For example, co-curricular classes such as individual music lessons may be charged for.
  • Payments to non-salaried staff based on whether the event is a group event, such as instructing an orchestra, or for taking individual students.

View and update information about any external or internal courses linked to this class.

Link a test or examination to the result group.
For example, a number of classes can be assessed during a combined examination. Entries are added for each test or examination. These are in turn used on this tab to link to the test or examination.

Class Maintenance - Result Groups tab

Define your own tabs or programs within Synergetic.

Maintain mark book assessment areas against a class.

Class Maintenance - Markbook tab

Maintain documents displayed for the class under the Results tab of the community portal.

Maintain the subject assessment areas to be printed by default for the class.

Class Maintenance - Print Flags tab


  • scheduled classes linked to the selected class
  • students involved in that class
  • staff responsible for the class.

Maintain documents relating to the class.

Maintain student elective preferences.

Determine which electives are displayed on the Community Portal.

Note: If a class is assessed, you must link it to an assessment area so that you can access it through Student Results Maintenance. See Maintaining subject assessment areas.

Co-curricular classes

Use co-curricular file types to select the students who are undertaking a particular class outside the academic area, such as sport or music.

Co-curricular areas have different File Types to normal academic classes. Academic classes have a File Type of A and co-curricular classes have other file types. For example:

File Type





Summer sport


Winter sport

Note: File types are maintained in the luFileType lookup table. See luFileType lookup table in the System maintenance manual.