Class Maintenance - Staff tab

Use the Staff tab to maintain staff members taking or assisting with the class.

 Opening the Staff tab

To open the Staff tab:

  1. Select Module > Students or Assessments, then Class Maintenance.
    The Set Class Search Criteria window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access the class maintenance functions by clicking  or .
  2. Select the required class.
    The General tab of the Class Maintenance window is displayed.
  3. Click the Staff tab.
    The Staff tab of the Class Maintenance window is displayed.

Class Maintenance - Staff tab key fields and buttons





Sequence number automatically allocated to staff members as they are added. Seq 1 staff are the main staff for the class.


Staff member's name given as Title, Initial and Surname.

Staff Code

Code for the member of staff.

Role Description

Description of the staff member's teaching role. For example, the Head Coach of the Basketball team.


General comments about the staff member.


Unique identifier for the staff member.




Launch Staff Maintenance for the highlighted staff member. See Maintaining staff in the Human resources manual.

Tip: You can also double click on the required staff member to launch Staff Maintenance.

Add a new staff member to the list of those teaching the class using the Staff Search window.

Insert a new staff member to the list of those taking the class, using the Staff Search window.

The new staff member is inserted into the list immediately before the highlighted staff member.

Delete the highlighted staff member.


Move the selected staff member up or down in the list.