Setting up automatic awards

You can configure Synergetic to automatically assign awards to eligible students at your organisation. An award:

  • is used to recognise outstanding performance by a student
  • may be based on objective criteria, such as participation in a number of key events.

You can set up Synergetic to automatically calculate which students fulfil set criteria and generate a list of the students who will be presented with the award.
Also see Maintaining awards setup data in the System maintenance manual.

How does it work?

Synergetic assigns awards to students based on a points system. When students are allocated a sufficient number of points for fulfilling certain criteria, you can run a user form that assigns them the award.

For example, a Music Half-Colours award may require a student to earn at least 30 points by participating in various musical groups. Students are only assigned the award when they have earned sufficient points.

Student is assigned Music Half-Colours.

Student has not yet achieved sufficient points for Music Half-Colours.

How to set up an automatic award...
Setting up an automatic awards consists of several steps:

  1. Define the basic information for the award. For example, the award name, and the number of points required to receive the award. See Defining an award.
  2. Define the applicable criteria and their weighting. For example, playing in an orchestra and singing in the choir may earn 15 and 20 points respectively towards a 30 point award. See Setting up criteria for an award.
  3. Select the students that are eligible for the award. For example, for a music award you may select all students involved in music programs at your organisation. See Selecting students eligible for an award.
  4. Allocate points to students based on criteria that they have fulfilled. See Allocating award points to students.
  5. Run the user form to assign the award to students who have qualified for the award by gaining sufficient points.

You can also:
Set up a series of awards. That is, an award that can only be assigned once a student has already won another specific award. See Setting up a series of awards.