Maintaining subject assessment areas

Subjects and subject assessment areas have a one-to-one relationship; there can only be one set of criteria for assessing a subject in each reporting period. See Maintaining subject assessments.

Any class can use an assessment area and all students in that class can have results entered for their work throughout each reporting period.

Assessment areas are maintained on the sub-tabs of the Area tab of the Subject Assessment Maintenance window, as described below.

How to:

In addition to assessment areas where an assessment result is entered, formulas can be defined which use other assessments areas or the result of other calculations. Each formula is created as a new assessment area record. See:

What you can do:

What you can do…


Maintain details of subject assessment areas.

Subject Assessment Maintenance - Area tab - Area sub-tab

Manually enter formulas against areas of assessment.

Subject Assessment Maintenance - Area tab - Formula sub-tab

Add topic comments into the comment bank for assessment areas.

Maintain awards automatically allocated to students.

For organisations that use AusVELS (Australian Education Learning Standards):

  • view domains linked to the area
  • select or clear the Summarise field which determines whether the results are reported at the domain level.

Subject Assessment Maintenance - Area tab - Domains sub-tab

View statistics recorded against an assessment area. For example, when the WAAR student results calculations are run.

Subject Assessment Maintenance - Area tab - Statistics sub-tab

Maintain a record of the materials required for an external or external course.

Maintain documents related to the subject assessment area.