Inserting new subject assessment areas

You can:

To insert a new area of assessment before the selected area:

  1. Search for the subject assessment. See Searching for subjects and assessment areas.
    The Subject Assessment Selector window is displayed on the left.
  2. Select the subject assessment to which the area of assessment belongs.
  3. Select the area of assessment to insert before. In the example below, we want to insert a new area just before the Volunteers to help others area.
  4. Right click.
    The following menu is displayed.
  5. Select Insert new assessment area before this one.
    The Confirm window is displayed.
  6. Click .
    The Create New Subject Assessment Area window is displayed.
  7. Select the result group and result type.
  8. Enter the name of the assessment area. For example, Parent Interview Required.
  9. If this is the student's overall assessment:

    • select Overall Assessment
    • select the location of the assessment in the student's report in the Overall Seq field, if required.

  10. Click .
    The new subject assessment is displayed in the subject assessment area grid of the Subject Assessment Selector and Subject Assessment Maintenance windows.
  11. Update the details of the subject assessment area. See Maintaining subject assessment areas.

Create New Subject Assessment Area window key fields




Automatically generated identifying sequence number for the subject assessment area.

The sequence number is set to the numbers of the area that you are inserting before. The sequence number for the subsequent areas of assessment are updated automatically.

Result Group

Group of subject assessment areas.

Tip: Use to create groups if you have a large number of assessment areas to manage. You can work with the groups instead of each individual assessment area in Student Results Maintenance. See Student Results Maintenance - Single Student tab.

For example, results for a work requirement or parts of an overall project might be grouped together.

Result Type

Result values available for the subject assessment area.

Result types restrict the valid values that you can enter in this field. This is so that the data presented on reports is consistent.

Note: Values are maintained in the luReportResultType lookup table. See luReportResultType lookup table in the System maintenance manual.

Note: If you change the Result Type so that the values do not map properly to information you have already entered, you are prompted with an error message.


Subject heading.

Overall Assessment

Select if this is the student's overall assessment for the report.

For example, the Overall Assessment field is:

  • selected for a student's overall grade for the term
  • cleared for an assignment that merely contributes to the overall grade for the term.

Overall Seq

Order that subject assessment areas appear on the reports, if the Overall Assessment field is selected.