Searching for subjects and assessment areas

Use the Set Subject Assessment Search Criteria window to search for:

  • existing subject assessments
  • assessment areas for the selected subject.

See Searching, in the Introduction manual, for details on how to use the search tools.

 Opening the Set Subject Assessment Search Criteria window

To open the Set Subject Assessment Search Criteria window:

  1. Select Module > Assessments or Students, then Subject Assessment Area Maintenance.
    The Set Subject Assessment Search Criteria window is displayed.

    Tip: You can also access the Set Subject Assessment Search Criteria window by clicking  or .

Set Subject Assessment Search Criteria window key fields



File Type

Search for all subjects in a particular file type, either academic or co-curricular.


Search for subjects in a particular year.


Search for subjects given in a semester.

Note: The labels for Semester can be Term, Report No or Half-Term based on your setup. See Student File Semester Maintenance - File Semester tab in the Curriculum manual.


Search for subjects given at a particular campus.

Assessment Code

Search for the code relating to how work in a class is assessed.
More than one class can share the same Assessment Code if they are each assessed the same way. Usually, all classes in one subject at a particular level in your organisation are assessed in the same way.


Search for all or part of the subject heading.

Subject Assessment Selector window

The Subject Assessment Selector window displays the results of your subject search. The window has a:

  • Grid search area at the top of the window.
  • Subject assessment grid showing subject assessments for the criteria entered. For example, Year 10 English Level 1 (S/10ENGLISH1).
  • Subject assessment area grid showing the areas of assessment and calculated formulas for the highlighted subject assessment. For example:
  • Exam Mark 1, Exam Mark 2 and Exam Mark 3 which are areas of assessment.
  • Weighted Average Exams 1-3 which is a calculated result 'assessment area'.

Note: You can perform different tasks depending on whether you have selected a subject or a subject assessment area in the Subject Assessment Selector window. In the example above, the subject area is displayed in italics, denoting that the assessment area below is selected.

Subject assessment right click menu

Right-click on the subject assessment to perform the following key actions:

Assessment area right click menu

Right-click on the subject assessment area to perform the following key actions: