Maintaining subject assessments

Within each learning area, define all the subjects that are taught as part of that learning area. For example, the SOSE learning area might contain History, Geography and Politics subjects.

For each subject, define the criteria for assessing that subject using subject assessment areas used for marking students and reporting on their progress. For example, attainment, effort, end of year exam, project, assignment and test results. See Maintaining subject assessment areas.

Assessments are maintained on the sub-tabs of the Summary tab of the Subject Assessment Maintenance window, as described below.

How to:

What you can do:

What you can do…


Maintain the overall description and the reporting details needed to format student reports for the selected subject.

Subject Assessment Maintenance - Summary tab - Summary sub-tab

Create a comment bank for the various subject assessments.

Subject Assessment Maintenance - Summary tab - Comments sub-tab

Set up and maintain mark book areas of assessment against a subject assessment. For example, topic tests and assignments that are not part of the mainstream class assessment. These assessments will not be printed on semester reports.

Subject Assessment Maintenance - Summary tab - Mark Book sub-tab

View the classes that are related to this assessment area.

Record achievement targets. For example, they are used when WAAR (Western Australia Assessment Reporting) student results calculations are run.

Determine which users are authorised to use:

  • the selected subject assessment
  • all subject assessments.