Community portal Overview

The Community Portal is a web based application that allows parents, students and other members of the community to view information relevant to them. For example, a parent can view their child's results or current timetable.

The Community Portal can display:

  • student results
  • student timetables
  • financial information:
    • transactions
    • last receipts
    • last statements
    • amounts outstanding
  • appointments for parent teacher interviews
  • student absence events
  • student attendances
  • documents relating to the student
  • useful contacts
  • custom web pages.

As well as displaying information, community members can use the Community Portal to:

  • book parent teacher interviews and print the schedule
  • print student reports and results
  • print details of payments made
  • print debtor statements
  • update their contact details
  • send emails to school staff and other useful contacts.

Synergetic Management Systems is responsible for installing the Community Portal software and configuring the IIS (Internet Information Services).

Once the Community Portal software is installed, it is up to you to configure the portal so that it shows the information that you want people to see and in the way you want people to see it. You can configure the Community Portal using:

You can customise various aspects of the Community Portal, such as:

If you need assistance with your Community Portal installation, Contact Synergetic Management Systems.