Customising email settings

You can customise how Community Portal handles emails to suit your organisation's needs.

How to:

What you can do

What you can do...


Maintain the email address to which changes made on the MyAccount page are sent.

ContactDetails:ToAddress configuration setting

Define the subject text for emails sent to parents and users requesting updated email details.

Define how to deal with cases where the portal does not have a user's email address.

Define the subject text of the email sent to the nominated address when a new online transaction has been made.

Customise the message automatically included in emails sent from the portal.

Maintain how the portal interacts with your email server.

Determine whether emails notifying of MyAccount page changes are sent to multiple addresses.

Define the name of the SMTP server.

View the password of the SMTP server.

Define the server port of the SMTP server.

Determine whether the SMTP server uses TLS (transport layer security).

Define the username of the SMTP server.

Customise how users can email staff members.