Defining criteria and points for an award

Award criteria can be anything that a student can do to earn points towards an award. For example, to gain points towards a Music Half-Colours award a student may perform in the orchestra, sing in the choir, or perform at your organisation's Open Day.

When a student fulfils criteria that give them more than the required number of points for the award, then they can be assigned that award. See luAwardRequiredPoints lookup table.
Award criteria:

Creating award criteria for the selected award
To create an award criteria:

  1. For each criterion that can contribute points to an award calculation, create a new subject assessment area. See Creating new subject assessment areas.
    Note: The only information you need to enter is the name of the criterion in the Heading field in the Create New Subject Assessment Area window.

    The Area tab - Area sub-tab of the Subject Assessment Maintenance window is displayed for the award criterion.
  2. In the Reporting area, set the Force Read Only field to True.
  3. Click the Area tab - Awards sub-tab.
    The Awards sub-tab is displayed.
  4. Click to add a new record to the grid.
  5. Select the Award that will be allocated points from this criterion from the drop-down list.
  6. If you want to allocate different points for different year level groups, select a Year Level Group.
    For example, senior students participating at Open Day may earn 5 points towards school leadership, but middle-school students only earn 1 point. See luYearLevelGroup lookup table in the System maintenance manual.

    Leave the Year Level Group field blank to apply the same points to all year levels.

  7. Type a description of the points entry in the Results field. You can record whatever is helpful to your organisation: this field is not used in any other part of the awards program.
  8. Type the number of points that this criterion will add to each award's cumulative score in the Points field.
    For example, the criterion Participated in Open Day Music in the example above contributes 10 points towards Music Half-Colours, and 5 points towards the School Leadership award.
  9. Click to save your changes.