Class Maintenance - Documents tab

Use the Documents tab to manage documents that relate to the class. Examples of documents include assignments, projects or class-specific work tasks.
Documents listed here are displayed in a class list under the Results tab of the community portal for students taking the class. See Customising the Results tab in the Community Portal Configuration manual.

 Opening the Documents tab

To open the Documents tab:

  1. Select Module > Students or Assessments, then Class Maintenance.
    The Set Class Search Criteria window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access the class maintenance functions by clicking  or .
  2. Select the required class.
    The General tab of the Class Maintenance window is displayed.
  3. Click the Documents tab.
    The Documents tab of the Class Maintenance window is displayed.

Class Maintenance - Documents tab key fields and buttons

Grid area fields




Description to help identify the document.


Universal Resource Locator for the document.
Note: Documents must be stored where they are accessible via the Internet or they will not be viewable on the community portal.


Which module the document is managed under:

  • REPASS - Subject Assessment Maintenance
  • REPCLS - Class Maintenance.
    Note: Documents managed under Subject Assessment Maintenance are available to all classes under that Subject Assessment code. These documents cannot be edited on this tab. You can edit them using the Documents tab of Subject Assessment Maintenance. See Subject Assessment Maintenance - Documents tab.




Add a new document.

Delete the currently selected document.

Launch a web browser to navigate to the selected document's URL and open the document.