Class Maintenance - Result Groups tab

Use the Result Groups tab to link the test or examination to the result group.

For example, a number of classes can be assessed during a combined examination. Entries are added for each test or examination. These are in turn used on this tab to link to the test or examination.

Result group was used before calculations and formulas were developed in Synergetic. Some organisations still use this method using a user-calculation stored procedure.

The Mean, Std Deviation, Min and Max fields for result groups can also be edited in the Statistics window. See Adjusting class statistics.

Consider using the Formula tab instead. See Subject Assessment Maintenance - Area tab - Formula sub-tab.

 Opening the Result Groups tab

To open the Result Groups tab:

  1. Select Module > Students or Assessments, then Class Maintenance.
    The Set Class Search Criteria window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access the class maintenance functions by clicking  or .

  2. Select the required class.
    The General tab of the Class Maintenance window is displayed.
  3. Click the Result Groups tab.
    The Result Groups tab of the Class Maintenance window is displayed.

Class Maintenance - Result Groups tab key fields and buttons





You can work with result groups instead of each individual assessment area in Student Results Maintenance.

The result groups are defined in the luReportResultGroup lookup table. See luReportResultGroup lookup table in the System maintenance manual.

Group Class

Used to link class assessments to a single assessment. The results are then ranked and standardised by a custom calculation procedure.

The group classes are defined in the luReportResultGroupClass lookup table. See luReportResultGroupClass lookup table in the System maintenance manual.

Mean / Std Dev /
Min / Max

Fields for assessment area calculations for a result group are:

  • Mean
  • Std Dev (standard deviation)
  • Min (minimum)
  • Max (maximum).




Add a new row in the grid and type in the result group entry details.

Delete the highlighted result group entry.

The Confirm window is displayed.