Editing co-curricular activity details

Note: You can update the details of co-curricular activities in bulk using the Co-Curricular Maintenance - Schedule bar. See Updating scheduled co-curricular events in bulk in the SynWeb Curriculum manual.

To edit the co-curricular activity details:

  1. Select the co-curricular activity that you have set up in the schedule.

    Co-curricular activities are displayed with a light blue background.
  2. Either:
    • double click on the selected co-curricular activity
    • right click to display the following shortcut menu.
  3. Select Edit Schedule.
    The Edit Schedule window is displayed.
  4. If required, edit the date for the activity in the Date field.
  5. If required, overwrite the times in the Time From and Time To fields.

    If you edit the Time From and Time To fields to overlap with an existing activity, both activities will be scheduled for the same time.

    You can also change the Time From and Time To fields by clicking and dragging the appointment to a new timeslot.

    If you drag the activity into a timeslot that is already occupied by a co-curricular activity, you can choose to combine the activities.
  6. Select the room in which the activity is to take place.

    If required, and you have permission to do so, right click in the relevant field to update either the Room or Team lookup lists. See Adding and changing entries in lookup tables in the System maintenance manual.
  7. Select a team for this activity.

    A co-curricular activity can be comprised of several teams. For example, the Westside Story Production is comprised of a Drama team, Costume team and Back-stage Production team. You can schedule meetings with each of the teams at different times.
  8. Type the purpose of the meeting in the Comment field.
  9. Click .
    The appointment displays the names of students or the team planning to meet, the number of people and the comment added earlier.