Scheduling ad hoc meetings with one or more students

An ad hoc meeting is a meeting that is not related to a specific co-curricular activity or class.

For example, a meeting to discuss general issues, conflicts or personal issues with an individual or group of students.

To schedule an ad hoc meeting:

  1. Search for the required staff schedule. See Searching for staff schedules.
    The Schedule tab of the Staff Schedule Maintenance window is displayed at the current week. 
  2. Change the Master Student List field selection, if required.
  3. Search for the student or students listed in the bottom right-hand grid.

    For details on the search student filter options see the field descriptions in Staff Schedule Maintenance - Schedule tab.
  4. Select the student or students who are to attend the meeting.
    To select more than one student either:
    • hold down the Ctrl key and select each student in turn
    • select the first student, hold down the Shift key and select the last student in a block.
  5. Hold down your right mouse button over the selected students.
  6. Drag the selected students over to the empty time period in which you want to schedule the meeting.
  7. Let go of your mouse.
    The following shortcut menu is displayed.
  8. Select Schedule Blank Class.
    An ad hoc meeting is added to the schedule grid, displaying the names and number of the students scheduled.