Staff Schedule Maintenance - Schedule tab

Use the Schedule tab to record:

  • extra-curricular activities and meetings
  • ad hoc meetings with individuals or groups of students.

Note: You can also record and update scheduled activities using the Schedule bar. See Co-Curricular Maintenance - Schedule bar in the SynWeb Co-curriculum manual.


 Opening the Schedule tab

To open the Schedule tab:

  1. Select Module > Assessments > Staff Schedule Maintenance from the main menu.
    Tip: You can also access the staff schedule functions by clicking  or .
    The Set Staff Schedule Search Criteria window is displayed.
  2. Search for the required staff member. See Searching for staff schedules.
    The Definition tab of the Staff Schedule Maintenance window is displayed.
  3. Click the Schedule tab.
    The Schedule tab of the Staff Schedule Maintenance window is displayed.

Explanation of the schedule grid

Extra-curricular activities and meetings are displayed on the grid as follows:

  • The timetabled classes for the teacher are displayed with a grey background and list the class code. For example, S/GEEC1.
  • Additional co-curricular meetings are highlighted in light blue. For example, Review music materials with Geoff.
  • The scheduled meetings for the currently selected class are displayed with a yellow background. For example, S/M341.
  • The currently selected time period is highlighted in bright blue.

Clashes and absence events
Vertical bars can appear on the right-hand side when there are:

  • clashes between co-curricular activities and other activities or classes
  • absence events around the same time.

Tip: Click on the bar to display the Clashes/Absences window.

Vertical bar




Co-curricular activity clashes with another activity or class.

Khaki green

Student has an absence event around the same time.

Staff Schedule Maintenance - Schedule tab key fields and buttons



Date From

Beginning date of the schedule.

Date To

End date of the schedule.





Type of meetings to be displayed on the schedule:


Displays meetings for the selected staff member.


Displays the meetings for the selected student.

Staff teaches student

Displays all meetings in which the staff member is related to the selected student.

Show Timetabled Classes

Display all timetabled classes for the staff member also.

Scheduled Students

Displays the name and Synergetic ID of the students who have been assigned to a selected co-curricular meeting or activity.

Tagged IDs

Restrict the search to student IDs that have been tagged. See Tagging community records for later use in the Introduction manual.

Tag community members' records to create a group of records to use in reports and communications. For example, if your organisation has a swimming team from different year levels, campuses and houses. Instead of searching for the students and sending messages to each individual, tag the records and then send communications to your tag list.

Show Student Timetable

Display the timetable of the selected student next to the staff member's timetable in the schedule.




Move to the previous week of the schedule.

Move to the next week of the schedule.

Copy the co-curricular activities and meeting from the specified week and paste into another week's schedule. See Copying the co-curricular scheduled activities from one time period to another.

Depending on the position of the button, either launch:

Delete a student from the scheduled student list and remove from the selected co-curricular activity or meeting.

Refresh the student list after selecting different search criteria.

Delete all existing search criteria from the student search fields before running a new search.

Classes grid area fields



File Type

Class file type.

Class Code

Class code.


Class description.


Class type.

Scheduled Students grid area fields




Student's name.


Student's Synergetic ID number.

Master Student List selections



Students for Class

Only show students who are scheduled to attend the class.

Students for Staff Member

Only show students who are linked to the staff member.

Scheduled Students

Only show students who are scheduled to attend the activity.

All Students

Show all students.


Filter the student list. Values include:

  • Campus
  • Surname
  • Preferred.

Show Student Timetable

Select to show the timetable for the selected students.