Class attendance

Teachers typically either:

  • mark the roll in the morning and in the afternoon
  • mark student attendances for each of the classes they take during the day.

So that class attendance is recorded, and depending on how your organisation does this, teachers can either:

  • Send their class list of attendances to the office. The administration person then enters attendance data into Synergetic.
  • Send their absence slips to the office for the Attendance Officer or administration person to enter into Synergetic.
  • Enter the class attendances directly into Synergetic themselves. See Recording class attendances - Teachers.

Attendance Officer / Teacher modes
You can configure Synergetic to differentiate between the Attendance Officer and a teacher entering attendances into Synergetic. By default, the Attendance Officer/Teacher modes are turned off.
If this feature is turned on, two modes appear on the Attendance window:

  • Attendance Officer
  • Teacher.

When attendances are entered:

  • centrally using the Attendance Officer mode, any reasons entered for absences are treated definitively by Synergetic
  • by teachers using the Teacher mode, reasons entered for absences are treated as possibilities by Synergetic.

How to:
Use the Attendance window to:

What you can do:

What you can do...


Mark students who are:

  • attending class
  • absent from class.
    Enter possible or definitive reasons why a student is absent from class.

Attendance window.