Searching for attendance records

When you first start Attendance Maintenance, the Attendance Search Criteria window is displayed with your classes for the day.

To search for a class:

  1. Select Students > Attendance Maintenance from the SynWeb main menu.
    The Attendance Search Criteria window is displayed.
  2. Type the search criteria into the fields. A list of classes matching your search criteria is displayed.

    The School Staff Code defaults to your login ID and the Timetable Date defaults to today's date.
  3. Select a launch link to view and record attendance records for a class.

    You can click on the Period, Room, Class, Description or Staff link to launch Attendance Maintenance.

    You can configure SynWeb to display a warning if a selected class does not fall within the defined semester dates for the year level. See the Attendances_CheckSemesterDates configuration setting in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.

    See Attendance Maintenance window for details of managing class attendance. 

Attendance Search window key fields, buttons and links

Selection area

The selection area consists of fields used to limit the selection.

Make your selections and SynWeb dynamically searches for matching classes.




Attendance Officer / Teacher Mode

You can configure Synergetic to differentiate between the Attendance Officer and a teacher entering attendances into Synergetic. By default, the Attendance Officer/Teacher modes are turned off.
If this feature is turned on, two modes appear on the Attendance window:

  • Attendance Officer
  • Teacher.

    When attendances are entered:
  • centrally using the Attendance Officer mode, any reasons entered for absences are treated definitively by Synergetic
  • by teachers using the Teacher mode, reasons entered for absences are treated as possibilities by Synergetic.
    For more information about turning the Attendance Officer/Teacher modes on and off, see EnableAttendanceOfficerModeFlag configuration setting in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.

File Type

Type of class. Defaults to academic classes.
Select from the File Type drop-down list, to display different types of classes. For example, music classes and so on.

Year & Semester

Year and term, semester or reporting period. Defaults to the current year and term.
Select from the Year & Sem drop-down list to display classes from a different year and term.

Timetable Date

Date that you are checking the attendance for.
Defaults to today's date. To change the date, either:

School Staff Code

Staff member's identification code. Defaults to your staff code.
Select from the drop-down list if you are updating another staff member's student attendances.

Show All Classes Not Yet Marked by a Staff Member

Select to view a list of all classes for the timetable date where the roll has not been marked.

Timetable Group

Filter classes by group. Examples are:

  • junior school
  • middle school
  • senior school
  • yard duty.

Up to end of period

Use the drop-down list to only view classes up to the end of a certain period.

Grid area
The grid area consists of:

  • key timetable fields based on the selections
  • launch links to open Attendance Maintenance for the required class
  • suitable legend entries.





Start time of the class.



  • period of the class
  • title of non-teaching period, such as recess or lunch.



  • usual room, if displayed in normal or italicised font.
  • possibly a different room if the class is displayed in a red font.

    Note: A red entry usually indicates a substituted teacher but can also be due to a changed classroom.


Class code.


Description for either:

  • the class
  • other time periods, such recess, lunch and yard duty.


Staff code for the staff member taking the class.

Note: A red entry usually indicates a substituted teacher but can also be due to a changed classroom.


Click to cancel the class.


Click to launch Pastoral Care Maintenance for students in the class. See Pastoral Care Overview in the Current students manual.

Note: This column is not displayed if you do not have the appropriate PastoralCare security permissions.

Launch links



Period / Room / Class / Description

Click on any of the five links to display the Attendance Maintenance window for the selected class. See Attendance Maintenance window in the Attendance manual.

Tip: Click on the Class link by default.


The Legend area contains an explanation for the formatting applied to each of the classes, or other time periods, displayed in the grid area. Only the relevant legend entries are displayed, depending on the status of the classes.

Colour and font


Black, normal font

Class containing students, taught by the regular staff member in the usual room.
In the following example, Mr Dawson is taking his usual chemistry class S/CH123.

Red, normal font

Class where a change has been made, either the:

  • selected teacher is taking a class that is normally taken by another person
  • class is being held in a different room to the usual room.

    In the following example, Mr Dawson is taking the Maths Methods class S/M4124. This is either not his usual class or the room has been changed.

Black, italicised font

Class normally taken by the selected teacher has been substituted to another teacher.
In the following example, the accounting class S/AC341 is being taken by the substitute teacher, Ms Glenda Smith (GSM). Mr Dawson usually takes this class.

Black or red, bold font

Class attendance has been marked.
In the following example, attendance for the English class J/00EN1 has been marked and submitted.

Green, normal font

Class which has no students but is taken by a staff member.

Grey, normal font


  • recess or lunch
  • classes which have been flagged as not requiring Attendance entry.

Yellow background

Class which extends across more than one period.