Attendance Maintenance window

Use the Attendance Maintenance window to:

  • mark students who are attending class, arrive late or leave early
  • mark students who are absent from class
  • enter possible reasons why a student is absent from class.

Notification icons are used to indicate important information about the student. In this case the icons indicate Domink Graebner has an anaphylaxis alert. See Using notification icons in the Synergetic Introduction manual.

 Opening the Attendance Maintenance window

To open the Attendance Maintenance window:

  1. Select Students > Attendance Maintenance from the SynWeb main menu.
    The Attendance Maintenance Search window is displayed.
  2. Search for the class. See Searching for attendance records.
    The timetable grid is displayed.
  3. Select the Class launch link for the required class.
    The Attendance Maintenance window is displayed.

Attendance Maintenance window key fields and buttons




Class Details

Details of the class are displayed. The class details include:

  • Period. For example, Period 2.
  • Date. For example, 26/05/10.
  • Time. For example, (9:30am - 10:30am).
  • Class description. For example, Mathematics - 1A.
  • Staff code for the staff member taking the class. For example (TED)
  • File year and Term.

Note: You can use the DescriptionShort configuration setting to define the file semester text displayed at the top of the Attendance Maintenance window. See DescriptionShort configuration setting.

Note: The staff code is displayed for the person taking the class. If a teacher has been substituted, the substitute teacher's staff code is displayed.

Set attendance records as being entered by another staff member

Select another staff member to enter the attendance records as.

Show Photos

Select to display photos next to the students' entries, if they are available.

Clear the field if the photos are not required.

Show Alerts

Display custom icon alerts for the student.

Show Today's Attendance

Select to display the students who attended the class today.

Note: This field is hidden by default but is visible when the SynWeb:ShowDailyAttendanceStringColumnFlag configuration setting in Synergetic is set to false.

Create a pastoral care item of the selected template for each selected student.

Note: Select students using the field in the grid area.

Note: This field is only visible if your organisation has defined pastoral care templates.

Launch a hot report for the entire class. Hot reports can be viewed in:

  • PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel.

See Configuring attendance hot reports in the System maintenance manual.




Display the Attendance Maintenance Search window to select a different list of classes.

See Searching for attendance records.

Grid area

The grid area consists of:

  • key fields for each student attendance record for the selected class and date
  • a button to confirm the attendances.

Tip: If you are only viewing a class' attendance records, just select the next option using the SynWeb main menu once you have finished. There is no Exit button in SynWeb, as there is in Synergetic.
Grid area fields



Student details

The following details are shown for each student:

  • The student's name. For example, Adamski, Angelo.
  • The student's campus and year level. For example, S10 (senior campus, year 10).
  • The student's form. For example, BO (Bosker).

    The font of the student's details is changed to blue and italicised if there are any absence events. See Absence events below.

    You can click the ellipsis at the end of a student's name to launch Student Maintenance for the student. See Maintaining students in the Current students manual.

Absence events

Any absence events within the time of the current class that might explain the student's possible absence from class are displayed.

For example, an absence slip has been entered using Synergetic. It is displayed as Late 10:08am Late...


If the Show Photos field is selected, either:

  • the photo for the student is displayed, if a photo is available

  • a gender-appropriate graphic is displayed, if not.


Mark the student's attendance or absence.

Each student's attendance at the class is either:

  • marked as being present
  • marked as being absent
  • not yet marked, or can be marked as present when you submit the class. By default it is treated as present.

Note: The initial symbols displayed are set using the DefaultAttendedMode configuration setting detailed in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.

When you click repeatedly on the field, it toggles between , and .

Note: The order that these are displayed is determined by the TreatBlankAsAttendedFlag configuration setting detailed in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.

Note: (present) or (absent) refers to the class being marked. SynWeb assumes that even if a student is physically present somewhere else at your organisation, if they are not in the class being marked, they should be marked absent. This is to attempt to make staff check the whole class list and mark each student present or absent.

Poss Tchr Type

Drop-down list providing a possible Absence Type explaining why the student is absent.

Note: New Zealand schools use the absence codes required by the New Zealand Ministry of Education (NZ MOE).See Attendance codes for New Zealand schools.

Poss Tchr Reason

Select a possible reason for the absence from a list.

Poss Tchr Description

Type in a description of the possible reason for the absence.
For example, one of the other students thinks that an absent student came down with a cold yesterday. Record such comments in the Poss Tchr Description field to assist the Attendance Officer with identifying any unexplained absences.

Late arr.

Select if the student has arrived late for class.

Your organisation's policy determines when this entry is made.For example, more than 5 minutes late is considered late and more than 15 minutes late is considered truant.

Note: SynWeb can be configured to create an absence event with a Late absence type if the student is flagged as late. See LateAndNotPresentWriteLateTypeFlag configuration setting configuration setting in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.


Time that the student arrived, if the Late Arrive field is selected.

Defaults to the current time. Adjust if necessary.

Early dep.

Select if the student left early, before the end of the class.


Time that the student left, if the Early dep. field is selected.

Defaults to the current time. Adjust if necessary.

Today [now]

Provides a quick view of the status of Absence Type for a student for the selected day.

The bracketed status [ - ] relates to the current class, that is, [now].

A hyphen (-) is used to indicate that a class has not been marked.

All other codes use the Absence Type recorded for the each of the student's classes during the day. For example, Stephen attended the dentist or doctor (D) in period 1 but period 2 is unknown (U). Further investigation reveals that Stephen was held up at the doctor and the code for period 2 can be changed to D as well.

The actual codes are configurable. In the example above, D is used for doctor or dentist. See SingleDisplayValue in the luAbsenceType lookup table in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.

Note: New Zealand schools use the absence codes required by the NZ Ministry of Education (NZ MOE). See Attendance codes for New Zealand schools.

User-defined fields

Up to five additional user-defined fields (columns) can be included in the grid area. For example, the administrator has set up flags to mark whether:

  • homework has been submitted or not by each student
  • merit points have been awarded
  • demerit points have been given to a student during class.

    See UserFlag configuration settings in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.

    You can:
  • select the field to set it for the student
  • leave the field clear.

Select to include this student when making pastoral care items from templates.
Note: This column is only visible if your organisation has defined pastoral care templates.

Launch a hot report for this student. Hot reports can be viewed in:

Grid area buttons



Submit the changes and record that the class attendance has been marked.
The following confirmation window is displayed:

Review that the list of students attending the class is correct and click .

Note: Your organisation can be configured to confirm the absence of students. If so, confirm the students that are marked absent are correct and click .

: If you have made a mistake, you can reopen Attendance Maintenance for this class and correct the attendance. SynWeb prompts you to provide a reason for each student whose attendance you change.

Reverse the earlier submission of attendance or nonattendance records. For example, Thursday's attendance details for a class have been entered rather than Friday's.
See Reversing class attendances.

button is only displayed once the is used and you open the Attendance window again.