Class attendance

Teachers typically either:

  • mark the roll in the morning and in the afternoon
  • mark student attendances for each of the classes they take during the day.

You can select a class to record the attendance of the students listed. Once you submit the class attendance:

  • attendance records are created for both absent and present students
  • absence events are created for excessively late or absent students, which are followed up by the Attendance Officer.

How to
Use the Attendance Maintenance window to:

What you can do

What you can do...


You can:

  • Mark students who are:
  • attending class
  • absent from class
  • late to class or leave early.
  • Enter possible reasons why a student is absent from class using Teacher Mode
  • Enter definite reasons why a student is absent from class using Attendance Officer Mode
  • Correct a student's attendance
  • Check for classes not yet marked.

Attendance Maintenance window.

Mark student who are attending a co-curricular class.

Mark Class Attendance window.