Attendance and absence events Overview

The Student Attendance and Absence Events module allows you to record student attendances and absence events to meet the needs of:

  • your organisation
  • the government department that may require information from your organisation, particularly for attendance and truancy matters.

See Attendance concepts.
A driver for the earlier changes to Synergetic was the New Zealand Ministry of Education's requirements for 2008 and 2009. See Attendance codes for New Zealand schools.

Student attendances

You can view all of the students in the class and mark the records of those students who were present and absent. Attendance records are created for both absent and present students. See Class attendance.

Absence event records are created for any absent students or events you need to record. See Student absence events below.

You can view reports to assist with managing student attendances. See Key attendance reports.

You can monitor student absence data. See Monitoring student absence data using the Student Absence Power BI Dashboard

Student absence events

You can record individual students as absent. See:

You can record planned absences for individual students. See:

You can record groups of students as absent, such as when a class is on a camp. See Group absence events entered in bulk.
You can cancel classes in bulk to maintain accurate records when multiple classes do not occur or a class does not occur for an extended period. See Cancelling classes in bulk.
You can record students signing in and out manually. See:

You can also use Synergetic to record students signing in and out using barcodes or RFIDs (Radio Frequency IDs) on their student cards. See Unattended sign in and sign out.

Unexplained absence events

You can review and follow up unexplained absences that arise during the day. See Unexplained absences.