Attendance concepts

Attendance by students is marked on a:

  • classroom by classroom basis
  • lesson by lesson basis
  • roll call basis, once or twice a day as determined by your organisation's policy.

Typically, teachers update the attendance details for their class using the Attendance window. See Class attendance. A student's nonattendance in class creates an absence event, called a slip.

Absence events

Absence events are:

  • Used to track students arriving and leaving your organisation.
  • Used throughout Synergetic to record when a student is absent or other absence- or attendance-related event is to be recorded.
  • Viewed and managed using the Absence Events Maintenance window. See Absence Events Maintenance window.
  • Defined in the luAbsenceEventType lookup table. See luAbsenceEventType lookup table in the System maintenance manual.

In some organisations, teachers write an absence slip for each student absent from their class during the morning or afternoon roll call. These absence slips are sent to the office for entry into Synergetic. See Recording absence slips.

Many of the absence events:

  • explain why a student is not marked as attending one or more classes or lessons (or the morning or afternoon roll call, if this is done instead)
  • record planned absences by students.

These are categorised into the following absence event types: