Cancelling classes in bulk

You can use Synergetic to cancel classes in bulk. To cancel an individual class, use SynWeb. See Cancelling classes in the SynWeb Attendance manual.

Cancelling classes when they do not occur is useful for maintaining accurate records. Your organisation may want to bulk cancel classes for many reasons. For example:

  • certain year levels have study leave. For example, no year 12 classes occur after the end of year exams and their teachers can substitute for other classes.
  • large groups of students have their classes interrupted by a special event. For example, a sports carnival occurs one afternoon.
  • all classes taught by one teacher cannot take place. For example, a teacher is ill and cannot be replaced.

Instead of cancelling each class individually, you can either:

  • simultaneously cancel all classes in a timetable group.
  • filter the classes you want to cancel by certain criteria. For example, year level or teacher.
  • import a list of classes to cancel from a merge file.

Note: Depending on your configuration settings, you may only be able to cancel a class if an absence event has already been created for every student in the class. For example, Excursion absence events have been created for all students in a year level who are participating in a sports afternoon. See CancelClassMustHaveAbsenceEvents configuration setting in the System maintenance manual.

To cancel multiple classes:

  1. Select Students > Student Classes Bulk Cancel.
    The Bulk Add Classes - Selection Screen is displayed.

  2. Enter the selection criteria for the classes that you want to cancel.

    Enter broad criteria that include all the classes you want to cancel. You can exclude classes that will not be cancelled later.

    You can also load a list of classes from a merge file, such as a Notepad file or an Excel spreadsheet. Click 
    and enter details about the merge file in the Load Merge File window. See Loading debtor charges merge files in the Debtors manual or click  for more information about how to use merge files in Synergetic.

  3. Click .
    The Classes window is displayed with classes that fulfil your search criteria.
  4. Use the  and  to align the classes you want to cancel in the right pane. Classes in the left pane are not bulk cancelled.

    You can use  and  to move all classes from one pane to another.

    You can use the mouse and the normal Windows Shift and Ctrl keys to select multiple classes. Hold down the Shift key and click on the first class you want to select. While still holding down the Shift key, click the last class. All students in between your two selections are highlighted. Alternatively, you can hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on different classes in the list to highlight them.
  5. Click 
    The Bulk Cancel Classes window is displayed.
  6. Enter the timetable group, first and last periods to be cancelled and comments about the cancellation.

    Select the Whole day event field to cancel classes for the whole day.
  7. Click .
    The Confirm window is displayed.

    • The following message is displayed if not successful and you are returned to the Classes window.

    • The classes are cancelled and are listed in the Cancelled Classes window.

    If the CancelClassCreatesAttendanceRecords configuration setting is true, attendance records are created for the cancelled classes. See CancelClassCreatesAttendanceRecords configuration setting in the System maintenance manual.

  8. Click .
    The following dialog is displayed.
  9. To bulk cancel more classes, click .
  10. The following dialog is displayed.
  11. Click:
    •  to display the Bulk Cancel Classes window and repeat steps 6 to 8.
    •  to display the Bulk Add Classes - Selection Screen and repeat steps 2 to 7.

    If you have accidentally cancelled the wrong classes, you can reverse the bulk cancel and delete any associated attendance records. Click 
    on the Bulk Add Classes - Selection Screen then select the process number for the classes that were incorrectly cancelled.

    Cancelled classes are marked with a strikethrough in Attendance Maintenance.