Individual student absence events

You can record absence events for:

How to
Use the Absence Events Maintenance window to:

Note: To record a group absence, see Recording group absences in bulk.

  • Modify existing absence events.

The fields differ from mode to mode, so refer to the corresponding mode above for the field descriptions.
Modifying all day absences have some restrictions. See Modifying all day absences.

Example of using two absence events

If a student leaves on one day and is expected to return during the following day, use two absence events:

Changing the Synergetic configuration
For detailed information about configuring the way the Absence Events function operates, see:

If you need to restrict the overall modes available, including on a PC by PC basis, this can be done using the luAbsenceEventType lookup table. See luAbsenceEventType lookup table in the System maintenance manual.

In the example shown, below a PC has been setup up for unattended sign in and sign out of students. The Auto Sign In and Auto Sign Out options have been set up to be displayed only for the PC specified.

Multiple host names can be set up against one mode (such as Sign In) by specifying each computer, each separated by a comma.

If you want to turn off the host names specified, just put an asterisk in front of them. This saves having to type them in at a later date.

If you need to speed up data entry of individual student absences, discuss with the Synergetic administrator clearing the ShowAttendDetailsOnCreateFlag in the luAbsenceEventType lookup table. The absences history and student's timetable are not displayed when creating absences. See ShowApplyAbsenceTypeAlwaysFlag configuration setting in the System maintenance manual.