Group absence events entered in bulk

There are a number of reasons why a group of students can be absent from their usual classes. These include:

  • sporting, cultural or academic trips
  • camps
  • on site activities such as cultural events, sporting presentations or practices including swimming or athletic sports
  • off-site courses or classes
  • health camps
  • regional health schools
  • residential schools
  • work experience.

You can record absence events for:

How to:

Use the Absence Events Bulk Entry window to:

Once the group is selected, you create the absence events. For example, you can:

Note: All of the usual modes available for individual students are also available for processing groups. Refer to the corresponding mode for details of the fields. See Individual student absence events.

What you can do:

What you can do...


You can:

  • select the group of students who are absent from their usual classes
  • remove students from the group that were initially selected but need to be put in the NOT to be Processed list
  • add more students to the To be Processed list
  • accept the list to be processed and create the absence events.

Absence Events Bulk Entry window.