Creating absence events for tagged students

You can tag students then create absence events for the group. For example, students on the school bus are late because of a breakdown.

To create absence events for tagged students:

  1. Select Module > Students > Current Student Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Set Current Student Search Criteria window is displayed.
  2. Search for the students to tag. See Searching for existing students in the Current students manual.

    Alternatively, you might have a class set up for the students who travel on the school bus route in the morning.
  3. Click on the relevant tab.
    In this example, we are searching for students who usually travel on the school bus route affected, as specified on the Transport tab.
  4. Select the student.
  5. Click.
    The student is added to the tag list.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until there are no more students to add.

    You can also create a tag list by scanning barcodes of student cards or searching for students. See Tagging community records for later use in the Introduction manual.
  7. Select Module > Students > Absence Events Bulk Entry.
    The Absence Events Bulk Entry - Selection Screen window is displayed.
  8. Select the Tagged IDs field.
  9. Click .
    The Absence Events Bulk Entry window is displayed with the relevant students.
  10. Click .
    The Create Bulk Absence Events window is displayed.
  11. Select the Late Sign In mode.
    The Create Bulk Absence Events - Late Sign In window is displayed.
  12. Update the Late Arrival Time field.
  13. Update the fields in the Details area, as required.
  14. Click .
    The following dialog window is displayed.
  15. Click .
    The following message is displayed.
  16. Either click:
    •  to add another bulk absence event
    •  to return to the Absence Events Bulk Entry window.