Recording student movements using default absence type codes

Additional barcode scanners can be programmed with prefix codes for recording additional student movements, such as:

  • bus late sign ins
  • exam leave sign outs.

See Unattended sign in and sign out.

To record student movements with a default Absence Type Code:

  1. At the start of the day, sign into the Create Absence Event window, if not already done.
  2. Select the mode that has been set up. In this example, Exam Leave.

  3. Select Show Second Screen if you have a second screen to display student photos.

    You can set up other modes that have scanners linked to the same PC.
  4. The student scans the barcode on their student card using the barcode scanner that has been set up for the mode.

    The barcode scanner fills the Student ID/Barcode or Surname field based on the:

    scanner prefix (#e# in the example)
    • Synergetic ID of the student (314 in the example).

    Synergetic then automatically:

    selects the related mode on the Create Absence Event window
    • creates an absence event
    • redisplays the Create Absence Event window

    displays the second screen, if available.

  5. You can check the absence events on the Absence Events Maintenance window, if required. See Absence Events Maintenance window.