Modifying student class details in bulk

Use the Bulk Set Student Class window to alter the class details for multiple students at once.

 Opening the Bulk Set Student Class window

To open the Bulk Set Student Class window:

  1. Open the Students tab in the Class Maintenance window. See Class Maintenance - Students tab.
  2. Click .
    The Bulk Set Student Class window is displayed.

Bulk Set Student Class window key fields and buttons

Set Fields



Start Date

Date the students commence the class.

Stop Date

Date of the students' final session of this class.


Students' status in the class.


Whether or not this class can be assessed against the students.

Focus Area

Specific topic of the class for the selected student. For example, for a music class the focus area could be Violin.

See luStudentClassFocusArea lookup table in the System maintenance manual.


Combined number of additional or missed sessions for this class:

  • if positive, the students have attended additional sessions
  • if negative, the students have missed sessions.

PTI Request

Status of the parent teacher interview request.

Overwrite Existing


  • selected, all students' details are set with the chosen values above
  • not selected, only those students whose details have not been changed are updated.

Assessable Students

Select how the assessable status is used:

  • Ignore - disregard assessable status
  • Yes - only update students who are assessable
  • No - do not update any assessable students.

Students Taking Class

Select how current attendance is used:

  • Ignore - disregard whether or not the student is taking the class
  • Yes - only update students who are taking the class
  • No - do not update students who are taking the class.

Student Status

Select how a particular class status is used:

  • Include - only update students with this class status
  • Exclude - do not update any students with this class status.

Note: If you do not want to use the student status as a selection criterion, leave this field blank.

Modified Curriculum

Curriculum modification implemented to cater for the individual learning needs of the student.

For WA, if you have loaded the CCWA reference data into luStudentClassModifiedCurriculum you can select:

  • Blank - not modified

  • AB - Abilities Based Learning and Education, WA

  • EA - English as an Additional Language/Dialect

  • GT - Gifted and talented

  • IP - Individual Education Plan/Documented Learning Plan

  • OR - Other.

Note: You can maintain curriculum modifications using the luStudentClassModifiedCurriculum lookup table. See luStudentClassModifiedCurriculum lookup table.




Update the class details of the students who fulfil the Criteria Fields.

Close the Bulk Set Student Class window without making any changes.