Class creation windows

Several data input windows are displayed to allow you to enter all the necessary details of the class when Creating new classes.
Use the  and buttons to move between the windows if required.

Create New Class - Create Class window

The Create New Class - Create Class window is displayed first.

  1. Enter the identifying features of the class.
  2. Click .

Create New Class - Create Class window fields




Campus the class is held at, if applicable.

Class Code

Unique identifier for the class.
We recommend that you have a standard convention for naming your classes.


Short description of the class.

Create New Class - Class Details window

The Create New Class - Class Details window is displayed next.

Enter the class details, then click .

Create New Class - Class Details window key fields



Assessment Code

Code showing how work in this class is assessed.

More than one class can share the same assessment code, if they are each assessed the same way. Usually all classes in one subject at a particular level in your organisation are assessed in the same way. See:

Board Studies Code

Code allocated to this class by the Board of Studies. For example: MA081 (Mathematical Methods 1).

Learning Area

Group of subjects. Subjects are grouped into learning areas to give department heads easy access to their classes, staff and students.

For example, English classes such as 7ENGA or 8ENGC is placed within learning area code ENGLISH, shown below.

Year Level

Year level that this class is taught at.

Staff Member

Staff member who teaches this class.

Staff members can be added using the Staff tab of Class Maintenance. See Class Maintenance - Staff tab.