Adding attendees to an excursion in bulk

Use the Excursions Bulk Add/Delete window to:

  • add community members to the current excursion
  • delete community members from the current excursion.

You can add and delete multiple groups successively using different selection criteria.

If a person belongs to multiple constituencies that are all added to the event they are only added once. For example, a staff member who is also a past student is only added once.

 Opening the Excursions Bulk Add/Delete window

To open the Excursion Bulk Add/Delete window:

  1. Select Students > Excursion Maintenance from the SynWeb main menu.
    The Set Excursion Search Criteria window is displayed.
  2. Search for excursions. See Searching for excursions.
  3. Click the Attendees bar.

     You can click anywhere on a navigation bar other than the caption to open it.

    The Attendees bar of Excursion Maintenance is displayed.
  4. Select an attendee record in the grid area.

     To add attendee records, see Adding attendees to an excursion.

    The Primary tab of the Attendees bar of Excursion Maintenance is displayed. 
  5. Click .
    The Excursions Bulk Add/Delete window is displayed.

Excursions Bulk Add/Delete window key fields and buttons



Line Number

Specify the group to add. For example, line number 1 is the first group added to the event, line number 2 is the second group added and so on. This value is used to populate the recipient's comment field to indicate the group they were bulk-added in.

Note: This field is not used when deleting recipients.


Community members belonging to either a:

  • user-defined constituency
  • Synergetic constituency, such as past students.

Note: The available selection fields change for some of the constituencies. See Additional selections for the Excursions Bulk Add/Delete window.

Date Joined From / To

Include only community members who joined the community between these dates.

Note: This field is only active if a constituency is selected.

Other Communication

List of recipients from a previous communication.

Other Event

List of attendees from a previous event.

Event Status

Include attendees with the selected status from a previous event.


Include community members by gender.

Note: You can define the list of genders used at your organisation using the luGender lookup table. See luGender lookup table.

Add as Primary Only

Add the primary contact only rather than a couple.

Tagged IDs

Tagged community members are included.

Current Recipients Only

Select this to send the communication to recipients of the current communication. If this field is not selected, both current and past recipients are added.

Must Have a Valid Address

Clear the flag if the community members selected do not need to have a valid postal address.

Must Want to Receive Mail

Include only those community members that have indicated that they want to receive mail.

Must Want to Receive a Magazine

Include only those community members that have indicated that they want to receive a magazine.

Must Want Solicitation

Include only those community members that have indicated that they want to receive requests for donations.

Must Want to Receive Raffle

Include only those community members that have indicated that they want to receive raffle tickets for selling to family, friends and colleagues.

Must Have an Email Address

Include only those community members that have valid email addresses.
Used when emailing out communications, for those community members who have nominated their email addresses.

When adding spouse

Can combine or split communications to couples, depending on whether they are in the same constituency or not.
For example, two married past students want to:

  • receive only one jointly addressed communication
  • each receive a separately addressed communication.