Searching for excursions

When you first start Excursion Maintenance the Set Excursion Search Criteria window is displayed to allow you to find the excursions you want.

Note: You can also access this window by clicking the button on the banner containing the name of any excursion.

How to use the Set Excursion Search Criteria window

On the Set Excursion Search Criteria window you can:

  • Click , leaving all fields blank. This finds all excursions in SynWeb and presents them in a search grid.
  • Restrict the search by entering information in one or more fields, and then click . You can enter all or part of an excursion name in a field and use wildcard characters to further narrow the search. See Using wildcards to search in the Introduction manual.

The more fields that you use to search on, the more filters you apply so that less data is returned. Less data for SynWeb to process means that less time is taken to retrieve the data.

  • At any stage you can change your selections. To do this, click and then make your new selections.

Choosing an excursion from the search results

The first search result is displayed.

You can:

  • display the details for a particular excursion by clicking on the excursion
  • filter the results by using the Search Filter field at the top of the Excursion Selector.

Set Excursion Search Criteria window key fields and buttons



Excursion Code

Unique code that identifies the excursion.


Description of the excursion.


Type of excursion.


Community member responsible for organising the excursion.


Status of the excursion.




Create a new excursion. See Creating new excursions.

Search for an excursion based on the search criteria you have entered.

Clear all your search criteria so you can start a new search.

Cancel your search.