Calculating entitlement balance

When an entitlement period is passed, Synergetic performs a calculation depending on whether the entitlement actually accrues.
For the following examples assume that the entitlement for the period the employee is about to enter is ten days.

Example - Full-time equivalency (FTE)

If an employee's FTE is 0.5 then the entitlement in the prior examples is actually five days (10 * 0.5).

To set an employee's FTE:

  1. Open the FTE tab of Payroll Maintenance. See Payroll Maintenance - FTE tab.
  2. Specify the payroll award code, FTE and start date for an employee.
  3. Synergetic calculates their current entitlements from these dates. It also uses these dates to back-calculate entitlements. It is therefore vital that an employee has:
    • an FTE record as far back as their start date
    • a leave calculated start date if it is defined.