Import_Export Student Data - ENROL Batch Process tab

Use the ENROL Batch Process tab to upload student transfer data to NZ MOE in batch mode.

This tab is only used by New Zealand schools.

You can also transfer data to NZ MOE when updating individual student records.
Student transfer data occurs when students are transferred:

  • to another school
  • from another school.
 Opening the ENROL Batch Process tab

To open the ENROL Batch Process tab:

  1. Select Module > Students > Student Data Import/Export from the main menu.
    The WA SCSA tab of the Import/Export Student Data window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access the student import and export functions by clicking .
  2. Click the ENROL Batch Process tab.
    Any students with student transfer records are validated.

    The ENROL Batch Process tab of the Import/Export Student Data window is displayed.

Import/Export Student Data - ENROL Batch Process tab key fields and buttons
Grid area fields




National Student Number for the student.

Process Type

Whether the student is a:

  • Leaver
  • Arriver.

Ready to be Sent

Field is selected if Synergetic determines that all information for a student transfer is entered and ready to be uploaded.


Manually select the student transfer record to be uploaded.


Synergetic ID for the student.




Upload Trace

Displays a summary of information being sent to the NZMOE, including:

  • connection details
  • student transfer record being processed
  • whether successful or not.

    Text is coloured depending on the success or upload of the student transfer record:
  • green for a successful upload
  • red if an error occurred.


National Student Number for the student.


Student's name.


Student's gender.

Note: You can define the list of genders used at your organisation using the luGender lookup table. See luGender lookup table.


Date of birth of the student.

Year Level

Year level of the student.

Last Day of Attendance

Date which the student is last recorded as attending school on.

Leaving Reason

Student's reason for leaving the school.

Post School Activity

Activity undertaken by the student after leaving the school.

Academic Indicator
Attendance Indicator
Behavioural Indicator
Custodial Indicator
Health Indicator
Personal Indicator

Whether the teaching and learning notes indicators are:

  • TRUE
  • FALSE.

These fields are maintained on the Extra Leaving Information sub-tab on the School tab. See Current Student Maintenance - School tab - Extra Leaving Information sub-tab (Next Year Process).




Cancel the current upload.

Launch the Current Student Maintenance window for the selected student. See Maintaining current students.

Toggle all the Selected fields in the grid area.
Press the button again to select or clear the fields.

Delete the students marked as Selected in the grid area.

We recommend that you do not use this unless you have transferred a student in error.

The following dialogs are displayed.

Click to both if you want to delete the student transfer data.

Upload the students marked as Selected in the grid area.

Upload all students in the grid area.

Launch the ENROL Batch Processes window then reprint the selected transfer report.