Adding a Crystal Report to a menu

If you change an existing Synergetic report you can save it in the Synergetic Reports\Site folder as the same name. This report automatically replaces the Synergetic standard report when run it is from the menu.

You can also add additional reports to the menu. You need to use the User/Report Form Editor on the System menu. See Using the User/Report Form Editor.

To add a Crystal Report to a menu:

  1. Click Insert.
  2. Select Resource Type of Site.

    This is a very important step.

  3. Enter the report name. You will have already saved this in the Site directory.
  4. Enter the Module that this selection is to appear under.
  5. Enter the View that you used to create the report. This defines the selections that appear.

    Leave this field blank if you are creating a new selection window for this report.

  6. Give the report a description to appear on the menu.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Define the selection screen by creating fields with various properties. If you have seen a similar selection screen that looks like something you could use (and references the same view(s) as your new report) then you can Bulk Copy that report's definition for your new report. Contact Synergetic Management Systems for help before you start copying in bulk.

You need to decide whether you want to:

  • use the fields from another search screen
  • create a totally new search screen
  • use only a few fields from another search screen and hide the others.