Addressing concepts

Correct addressing

Although RAT is a separate product, it is integrated within Synergetic so that you can verify that addresses are correct as you enter them.
National postal organisations such as Australia Post and New Zealand Post have automated systems that check addresses on postal articles. Using RAT ensures that all your mailing addresses comply with the postal organisation's standards so there is much less chance of letters going astray.

Postal Address File (PAF)

This is a file maintained by the national postal organisation that contains every unique address in the country. RAT verifies the addresses that you enter into Synergetic against the PAF. A new PAF is released every quarter.

Delivery Point Identifier (DPID)

The DPID is a unique eight-digit number for each address maintained within the PAF.

Mailing barcodes in Australia

RAT allows you to include postal barcodes on your mailing labels in Australia to reduce your postage costs. When the new PAF is installed each quarter, you need to validate against the PAF before including barcodes on labels. Synergetic maintains a date when you last validated the address against the PAF.

Sort Plan Number

This is an internal group of postcodes that the postal organisations use for sorting barcoded mail.