Configuring RAT in Synergetic

To configure the RAT:

  1. Select Module > System > Configuration File Maintenance.
  2. Type RAT in the Find field.
    The RAT entries are displayed at the top.
  3. Select True for the RAT:AutoCheckUpdates entry. See RAT:AutoCheckUpdates configuration setting.
    If you also selected the Centrally Managed Rollout option when you installed RAT, whenever you receive a new PAF from DataTools (usually quarterly) and install it on the central server, it is automatically updated on the clients. When the upgrade occurs, Synergetic asks the user whether they want to upgrade the PAF held locally on their machine.
  4. Select True for the RAT:Installed entry. See RAT:Installed configuration setting.
    This activates the Synergetic RAT interface.
  5. Select True for the RAT:Enforce entry, if required. See RAT:Enforce configuration setting.
    If this option is set to True, only people using computers with the RAT installed are able to enter or make changes to addresses in Synergetic.
  6. Select Module > System > Group/User Security Maintenance.
  7. Locate ManualDomesticAddress in the SYS module.

    This setting overrides the RAT:Enforce option. If you select the Select and Update fields, users can manually change or enter a domestic address.