Purchase Order Maintenance - General tab

Use the General tab to view, add or change the purchase order details.


 Opening the General tab

To open the General tab:

  1. Select Module > Creditors > Purchase Order Maintenance.
    The Set Purchase Order Search Criteria window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access the purchase order functions by clicking . 
  2. Search for the purchase order. See Searching for purchase orders.
  3. Open the purchase order.
    The General tab of the Purchase Order Maintenance window is displayed.


Purchase Order Maintenance - General tab key fields and buttons



Business Unit

Business unit that the purchase order is for. For information on how to configure business units, see Synergetic Financial Configuration - Business Units in the Finance manual.

Note: This field cannot be changed after the purchase order has been created.

Order Type

Type of purchase order that is printed. Values include:

  • Credit - the creditor has charged too much and you are requesting a credit note from them
  • Normal - a normal purchase order requesting item(s) to be supplied.
  • Oversupply - print a document detailing oversupplied items. Send this to the creditor along with the items that were oversupplied.
  • Swapped - print a document to send with goods that need to be swapped for other goods.

Note: If the type is Normal, the purchase order heading is Purchase Order. Otherwise it is Goods Return Voucher.

Requisition Number

Requisition number, if required.

Tip: Some organisations use requisition numbers that come from a docket book that has been supplied to each department/business unit. Enter the requisition number in Synergetic so that you can reference the original request from a department.

Delivery Point

Point of delivery for the creditor. See the luDeliveryPoint lookup table in the Finance manual.

Required Date

Date the order is required.

G/L Sub-Allocation

General ledger sub-allocation code that the purchase order amount is posted to.

Note: Synergetic displays the message **NOT AUTHORISED TO THIS GL** if you attempt to use a general ledger that you do not have permission to use.


Urgency of the order. Values include:

  • ASAP
  • Normal
  • Urgent.

Note: This information does not print on the purchase order. Use as an internal reference only.


Status of the order. Values include:

  • Cancelled
  • On Order
  • Partially Filled
  • Completed.


Amendment letter, if applicable.

Note: You can make changes to a printed purchase order. When you next try to print the order, you are asked if you would like to increment the amendment letter, starting at A. For example, the first amendment to purchase order 5012 would be purchase order 5012A, the second, 5012B and so on. Every time you select Yes the amendment is increased alphabetically. This is highly recommended for auditing purposes.

Print Prices

Select to print prices next to each item. These prices come from the last average price in Item Maintenance. See Item Maintenance - Purchase Orders tab in the Sales manual. If the prices are not correct, you can choose not to print them on the purchase order.

Prices Inc Tax

Select to indicate that all prices include tax. This is automatically selected if the Order Prices Include Tax flag on the Creditor Maintenance - Account tab is selected. See Creditor Maintenance - Account tab in the Creditors manual.

Ordered By

Name of the person who requested the order. This automatically defaults to the person currently logged in to Synergetic.

Auth'n Status

Displays the status of the purchase order's authorisation, including:

  • the date and time the authorisation status was last modified
  • the surname, given name and preferred name of the staff member who authorised the purchase order, if it has been authorised.

Notify By

How the creditor is notified of the purchase order:

  • print - notification is printed for mailing
  • email - notification is emailed from Synergetic.

Note: If you select the email notification method, ensure the creditor has their email address listed in the Creditor Maintenance - General tab. See Creditor Maintenance - General tab.

Email Override

Email address to send notifications to instead of the creditor's Occupation email address.

Order Header

Information to print before items on the purchase order.

Order Trailer

Information to print after items on the purchase order.




Cancel the order.