Authorising purchase orders

You have to have permission granted to you before you can authorise purchase orders. Your Synergetic administrator can grant this permission.

To authorise a purchase order:

  1. Select Module > Creditors > Purchase Order Maintenance.
    The Set Purchase Order Search Criteria window is displayed.

     You can also access the purchase order functions by clicking

  2. Search for the purchase order. See Searching for purchase orders.
  3. Open the purchase order.
    The General tab of the Purchase Order Maintenance window is displayed.
  4. Click .
    The GL Budget for Purchase Order window is displayed, if you are able to authorise purchase orders.
  5. Select to authorise and print the purchase order.
    Synergetic checks to make sure that:

    • The order date is before the general ledger year end date.
    • Each order line is less than the general ledger budget allowed for the business unit in the current G/L year.
    • The total cost of the order is less than the purchase order threshold for the business unit. The threshold for the business unit is using the Threshold Amount field on the Purchase Orders tab of Finance Configuration Maintenance. See Synergetic Financial Configuration - Business Units - Purchase Orders sub-tab in the Finance manual.

    If any of these conditions are not met, the Purchase Order Authorisation window is displayed.

     If you are a SuperAuthoriser, Synergetic assumes that you have the authority to override both the budget and threshold, and you will not see this window even if one of these limits has been exceeded. However, you will see this message if the order date is after the G/L year end date.

  6. Click .
    A copy of the purchase order is printed and the order is marked as authorised.