Maintaining purchase orders

Use the Purchase Order Maintenance function to:

  • create new purchase orders
  • maintain existing purchase orders
  • receive goods against purchase orders.

How to:


What you can do…


View, add or change the purchase order details.

Purchase Order Maintenance - General tab

You can:

  • change the creditor you are sending the purchase order to
  • view the details about the creditor
  • launch the Creditor Maintenance windows to change creditor details.

You can:

  • view, add or change the line items on the purchase order
  • receive goods against each line item.

Purchase Order Maintenance - Details tab

You can:

  • view information about the authorisation status of the purchase order
  • authorise or deny purchase orders.

Purchase Order Maintenance - Authorisation tab

Define your own tabs or programs within Synergetic.

View details of who:

  • created the purchase order
  • last changed the order.

Store and maintain documents relating to purchase orders and relevant creditors.

View a history of the changes made to the status of the purchase order.