Maintaining medical details

You can use the Medical Maintenance program to view and edit medical information for multiple students or staff members.

How To

What you can do:

What you can do…


View community member medical details at a glance.Medical Maintenance - Medical Summary tab
Record the details of the current medical incident.Medical Maintenance - Incident tab

Maintain membership details for:

  • medical insurance
  • ambulance cover
  • Medicare cards
  • healthcare cards.
Medical Maintenance - Healthcare tab
Maintain immunisation details.Medical Maintenance - Immunisation tab
Maintain records of medical consent provided by parents.Medical Maintenance - Consents tab

Maintain medical condition:

  • types
  • severity levels
  • statuses (e.g. confidential)
  • notification information
  • start and end dates
  • emergency and other treatment details.
Medical Maintenance - Medical Conditions tab

Maintain allergy details including:

  • type of allergy (e.g. nuts)
  • severity (e.g. life-threatening)
  • treatment (e.g. EpiPen).
Medical Maintenance - Allergies tab

Maintain details of medications used at your organisation including:

  • general details of the medication
  • details of the medical condition treated by the medication
  • dosage details including the amount and frequency of the dose
  • how the medication is administered
  • whether your school has been authorised to administer the medication
  • refill information.
Medical Maintenance - Medication tab

Medical Maintenance - Incident History tab


  • test type
  • test date
  • results
  • person that conducted the test
  • linked medical conditions.
Medical Maintenance - Test tab

Maintain details of medical plans including:

  • type of medical plan
  • storage location of the medical plan
  • start and expiry dates of the medical plan
  • name of the community member that issued the medical plan
  • who last modified the medical record and when.

Medical Maintenance - Medical Plan tab

Maintain contacts and emergency contacts for students.

Medical Maintenance - Contacts tab