Medical Maintenance - Consents tab

Use the Consents tab to maintain records of medical consent provided by parents.

 Opening the Consents tab

To open the Consents tab:

  1. Select Students > Medical Maintenance from the SynWeb main menu.
    The Incidents tab of Medical Maintenance is displayed.
  2. Click the Consents tab.
    The Consents tab of the Medical Maintenance window is displayed.

Medical Maintenance - Consents tab key fields and buttons




Consent Given

Whether consent has been given for the selected record.

Consent Type

Type of medical consent given. For example, consent to administer paracetamol.

Note: You can maintain consent types using the luConsentType lookup table. See the luConsentType lookup table in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.

Consent Given By

Family member or community member that provided medical consent.

Note: Consent can only be provided by community members that are contacts or siblings.

Consent Given Date

Date medical consent was given.

Consent Expiry Date

Date the medical consent record expires.

Consent Comment

Comment about the consent given.

Common fields and buttons

Common fields



Default email

Default email address of the community member.

Note: The default email address is defined using the Default Email field on the Phone bar of Community Maintenance. See Community Maintenance - Phone bar.

Home address

Home address of the community member.

Note: The home address is defined using the Home Address bar of Community Maintenance. See Community Maintenance - Home Address bar.

Common buttons



Click to display the Add reminder window.

When the medical details of the selected community member need to be updated, you can use this window to create a reminder action centre message with details of the update.

Click to display a list of available medical reports.

Note: This currently supports the Medical Incident Note report.

Used to navigate between the records of community members signed into medical maintenance.

Tip: You can navigate to a specific page by typing the page number into the Go to field and pressing Enter.