Medical details Overview

Important note: The contents of this manual do not constitute medical advice, and should be applied and used as directed by your organisation's medical personnel.

You can maintain medical details for the following community members:

  • current, future and past students
  • staff.

Medical details are restricted to those with confidential record privileges. These details complement the information held on the Medical tab.

You can record medical details in two ways. You can:

  • Launch Medical Maintenance through Student Maintenance or Staff Maintenance to easily view medical details for multiple students or staff members. For example, you may need to view medical records for a class that is participating in an excursion. See Maintaining medical details.
  • Launch Medical Maintenance from the Current Students menu to enable Sign In and Sign Out functionality. You can search for students or staff members individually who are currently in the medical centre or who have visited the medical centre previously and maintain their medical records. However, you cannot access other personal information without launching their Community Maintenance or Student Maintenance windows. For example, you may working in the school sick bay or following up past medical incidents. See Medical Maintenance for the medical centre.

Note: The Sign In and Sign Out functionality in the medical centre can only be used to maintain records for current students and staff members.

Any changes to medical records are automatically recorded in corresponding history tables.

How to:

You can: