Maintaining medical details

You can use the Medical Maintenance program to maintain information about a student or staff member's medical details and medical incidents.

The Medical Maintenance program can be used to view and edit medical information for multiple students or staff members.

If you are responsible for maintaining records for a medical centre or sick bay, use the Medical Maintenance program with Sign In and Sign Out functionality. See Medical Maintenance for the medical centre.

Navigating between student or staff member records

To navigate between students or staff member records you either:

  • select the student or staff member using the Student Selector or Staff Selector, respectively
  • click on the navigation buttons on the Student Maintenance or Staff Maintenance window, respectively.

What you can do:

What you can do…


View a summary of the student's medical details.

Medical Maintenance - Summary tab

List and maintain medical incidents of students or staff at your organisation.

Medical Maintenance - Incidents tab

Maintain membership details for:

  • medical insurance
  • ambulance cover
  • Medicare
  • healthcare cards.

Medical Maintenance - Healthcare tab

Maintain immunisation details.

Medical Maintenance - Immunisation tab


  • medical condition details
  • test results
  • equipment required to manage the condition
  • medication used to treat the condition
  • symptoms
  • asthma details
  • medical risks.

Medical Maintenance - Medical Condition tab


  • medication details
  • medical condition details
  • medical plan details.

Medical Maintenance - Medication tab


  • test type
  • test date
  • results
  • person that conducted the test
  • linked medical conditions.

Medical Maintenance - Test tab

Maintain details including:

  • allergy type
  • allergy severity
  • allergy treatment.

Medical Maintenance - Allergy tab

Maintain records of medical consent provided by parents.

Medical Maintenance - Consent tab


  • public medical alerts, for example a medical disability
  • contact details for the person's dentist
  • medical details and incidents.

Medical Maintenance - Medical tab

Maintain contact details for:

  • the student's preferred doctor for medical attention
  • an optional alternative doctor or a specialist for a medical condition
  • the student's preferred dentist.

Medical Maintenance - Doctor tab

Maintain contact details for primary and additional contacts, particularly parents.

Medical Maintenance - Contacts tab

Maintain details of up to three people who can be contacted in the event of an emergency.

Medical Maintenance - Emergency tab

View and maintain documents associated with the community member.

Medical Maintenance - DocMan tab

Maintain any custom user forms created for Medical Maintenance.

Medical Maintenance - User Forms tab

Display the student's timetable and special events for the specified date. This tab can be used to locate a student at any time during the day.

Medical Maintenance - Timetable tab

View changes made to the student's medical record.

Medical Maintenance - Maint tab

Maintain details about the ability of students to perform physical activities.

Medical Maintenance - Ability tab

Maintain medical details entered online by Community Portal users.

Medical Maintenance - Action Centre tab

Maintain medical plans to manage medical conditions at your organisation.

Medical Maintenance - Medical Plan tab