Medical Maintenance - Incidents tab

Important note: The contents of this manual do not constitute medical advice and should be applied and used as directed by your organisation's medical personnel.

Use the Incidents tab to list and maintain medical incidents at your organisation for the following community members:

  • current, future and past students
  • staff.

The Incidents tab consists of:

  • a grid area on the left which lists existing incidents
  • six sub-tabs to record details about each incident.

Medical details are restricted to those with confidential record privileges. These details complement the information held on the Medical tab. Any new medical incidents or changes to the incident's details are automatically recorded in corresponding history tables.

In the following example, the student's injury on the 03/03/2014 is selected. The corresponding details for this incident can be seen to the right - in this case the Summary sub-tab.

Sick bay staff members usually maintain incidents.

How to:

What you can do:

What you can do…


For each medical incident:

  • maintain a summary of the incident
  • schedule actions to follow up after the incident.

For any injuries, maintain:

  • details of the injury sustained
  • actions taken
  • witnesses to the incident.

Medical Maintenance - Incidents tab - Injury Details sub-tab.

For each medical incident, maintain details of:

  • correspondence sent home with the student
  • notifications by phone to parents or guardians
  • notifications by mail to parents or guardians.

Medical Maintenance - Incidents tab - Parent / Guardian Notifications sub-tab.

For each medical incident, maintain details of notifications to:

  • other staff members at your organisation
  • workers compensation, in the event that a staff member is injured while at work.

Medical Maintenance - Incidents tab - School Notifications sub-tab.

Open custom user forms created by your organisation for medical incidents.

Add documents, spreadsheets and pictures to a student's medical file.

Medical Maintenance - Incidents tab - DocMan sub-tab.