Signing staff or students out of the medical centre

When the student or staff member leaves the medical centre you should sign them out using the Medical Maintenance window. This records:

  • the time that the person left the medical centre
  • any changes you have made to the medical incident
  • the destination of the person (class or outside of your organisation) upon leaving the medical centre
  • an absence event for the time that the person was in the medical centre.

To sign a staff member or student out:

  1. Select the patient who is leaving the sick bay in the selector panel.
  2. Click .

    The following window is displayed if the selected student or community member has open medical incidents. You can review the list of incidents to determine whether the student needs to be signed out for additional medical incidents.

    The Sign Out window is displayed.
  3. Click the Released to drop-down list and select either:

    • Released Internally if the student is returning to classes.
    • Released Externally if the student is leaving the premises.

  4. Click .

    The Create Absence Events window is displayed. See Create Absence Events window.

    Note: The absence events created for internal and external releases are determined by the ReleaseInternally:AbsenceEventType and ReleaseExternally:AbsenceEventType configuration settings. See ReleaseInternally:AbsenceEventType configuration setting and ReleaseExternally:AbsenceEventType configuration setting in the System maintenance manual.

  5. Click either:

    to create an absence event
    to close the Create Absence Events window without creating an absence event.

    The student or staff member is signed out and an absence event is crated for the student if relevant.