Copying and pasting information into comments

Use the and icons to copy and paste comments from one student record to another. Comments can be copied from any Topic Comment or Overall Comment field to any other comment field

Note: Check your organisation's policy; some organisations do not allow staff to copy information between student records

Note: The SynWeb copy and paste facility does not use the clipboard of your PC or Mac, so you can only copy and paste comments between students. If you use Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to copy and paste comments, student names and pronouns are not corrected when the comment is pasted.


In the following example, and icons are highlighted beside each Topic Comment field.

In the following example, and icons are highlighted beside a Topic Comment field and an Overall Comment field.

Tip: Scroll down to the Overall Comment field on the Single window of Results Maintenance if needed.

Copying and pasting entire comments

To copy and paste the entire comment:

  1. Open the Single window of Results Maintenance. See Results Maintenance - Single window.

    : You can copy and paste comments between multiple students in the Class window. See Results Maintenance - Class window.
  2. Locate the Comment field to copy.
  3. Click the  icon associated with the Comment field you are copying from.
    The comment text is copied to the SynWeb clipboard. 
  4. Select the student you are copying the comments to.
  5. Locate the field that you want to paste the comments into.
  6. Click the icon associated with the comment field you are copying to.
    The comments are pasted into the comment field, from the SynWeb clipboard. The student name, and gender-specific pronouns and conjugations, such as him or her, are automatically changed.

    Note: gender-specific pronouns and conjugations, are not automatically changed when copying from Other Genders to Male or Female.  For example 'Person', 'themself', 'They are', 'They were', 'They have' will all remain as is.

     Synergetic displays the following message when there is pronoun ambiguity.

Copying and pasting parts of comments
SynWeb does not support copying and pasting parts of comments, due to the constraints of the web browser interface.
Consider using Synergetic if you need to use this feature.