Maintaining the staff personal comment bank

Use the Staff Personal Comments window to maintain your personal comments in the comment bank. These are only available for you to use.
You can use:

  • your personal comments
  • departmental or learning area comments, when updating assessment comments for your students.

Also see, Adding stored personal comments.

 Opening the Staff Personal Comments window

To open the Staff Personal Comments window:

  1. Open the Single window of Results Maintenance. See Results Maintenance - Single window.

     You can also manage personal comments when using the Class window. See Results Maintenance - Class window.
  2. Select the student.

    The student's results are displayed.
  3. Click  next to the required comment field.

    The Comment Bank window is displayed.
  4. Click .
    The Staff Personal Comments window is displayed.

Staff Personal Comments window key fields, links and buttons





Sequence number used to organise comments.


Topic or category that the comments relate to.


Assessment rating for an assessable staff comment.


The comment that is displayed if the student achieves the rating for the topic.
To personalise the comments, either use:

  • ? to replace the student's name in the output
  • the male pronoun so that the correct pronoun is applied based on the student's gender.

    Depending upon their usage, gender-specific pronouns are:
  • he or she
  • him or her
  • his or her
  • himself or herself.

    Note: The female possessive pronoun has two versions (her, hers) where the male has only one (his), which can cause ambiguity when converting. Consequently, the pronoun his is always converted into her. You may need to correct this to hers in some comments.




Move comment up one place in the list.

Move comment down one place in the list.

Add a new comment, at the end of the list of comments.

Insert a new comment, just before the highlighted comment.

Delete the highlighted comment.

Insert a comment before the highlighted comment, identical to the last comment added.

Save the comment you are adding or changing, and continue maintaining comments.

Close the window.

Command links



Spell check

Check the spelling of the highlighted text.
The UltimateSpell window is displayed.

UltimateSpell window key fields, links and buttons



Not in dictionary

The word highlighted in red is not in the default dictionary and may be misspelled.

Change to

Suggested alternative word.


List of suggested alternative words.
To select one of the suggested words:

  • select the word in the Suggestions field
  • click .

Command links



Look up my meaning

Link to **

to display the meaning of the selected word in the Suggestions field.
DICTIONARY.COMTM, DOCTOR DICTIONARY®, SPELLING.COMTM and Lexico® are trademarks and, where indicated, registered trademarks of Lexico or its subsidiary.




Ignore the suggested change for the word.
For example, a word commonly used at your organisation is correct but is not in the default dictionary.

Ignore all suggested changes.

Add the word to the dictionary. The word is no longer detected as misspelled.

Change the highlighted word to the correct word in the Change to field.

Change all incorrect words with their recommended changes.

Tip: It is useful to check the text after selecting this option to avoid any unintended changes.

Expand the options area and select to ignore:

  • words in uppercase letters
  • words in mixed case
  • words with numbers
  • repeated words
  • internet addresses
  • email addresses
  • filenames
  • HTML tags.

Accept any changes made and return to the previous window.

Return to the previous window without making any changes.