Entering results in bulk

You can set the results, result date, classification or print flags for an assessment area to the same value for all students. This is useful for S/N style result types (satisfactory / non-satisfactory) where most students would receive an S.
You can set the same:

You can do this on the following windows of Results Maintenance:

  • Class
  • Assessments
  • Mark Book.

Note: You can also use the Utilities window to bulk set default results. See Results Maintenance - Utilities window.

 Opening the Bulk Set Results window

To open the Bulk Set Results window:

  1. Select Curriculum > Results Maintenance from the SynWeb main menu.
    The Results Maintenance Search Criteria window is displayed.
  2. Search for the class. See Searching for student results.
    The class grid is displayed.
  3. Click the launch link of the class you want to manage results for.
  4. The Single window of Results Maintenance is displayed.
  5. Click , or  to view the results that you wish to bulk set.

     You can also bulk set results from the Assessment and Mark Book windows.
  6. Click  on the column of the required assessment area.
    The Bulk Set Results window is displayed.

Bulk Set Results window key fields and buttons





Heading of the assessment area.


Overview of the assessment area.

Result Group

Result group of the assessment area.

Result Type

Result type of the assessment area.

Mark Out Of

Maximum possible marks for this assessment area, if applicable.


Select to bulk set the:

  • result
  • result date
  • result classification
  • print flag.


Type in or select the value for the:

  • result
  • result date
  • result classification
  • print flag.

Overwrite previously entered values

Select to overwrite any existing values.

Only if result entered

Select to only override the existing result date if a result has been entered for this student.




Apply the bulk set selections.

Close the window without applying the bulk set selections.