Maintaining courses

You can use SynWeb to maintain course details. Students can attend external courses or internal classes grouped into a course.
Examples include:

  • TAFE courses included as part of the curriculum
  • correspondence courses.

Note: Most organisations do not use courses and instead maintain this information in Class Maintenance. See Maintaining classes.

The Course Maintenance window contains all relevant details regarding courses, including:

  • general details about the course
  • the students taking the course
  • the classes within the course
  • all charges incurred.

How to:

What you can do:

What you can do…


Maintain general information about the course, including its description, classification and department.

Course Maintenance - General bar.


  • key dates for the course
  • the length of the course
  • the number of months used for OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) calculations.

Course Maintenance - Dates bar.

Maintain all the financial details about the course including cost and the debtor fee code.

Course Maintenance - Charges bar.

Maintain a list of classes linked to the course.

Course Maintenance - Classes bar.

Maintain the list of students who:

  • are currently attending the course
  • have previously attended the course
  • will attend the course in the future.

Course Maintenance - Students bar.

View the list of courses that share a link with the current course.

View the list of courses that share a commission link with the current course.

Course Maintenance - Commission Link Courses tab.